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Well Pumps & Filtration in Fredericksburg and King George, VA

There are many of us that rely on a well pump system to provide us with water. Delivering water to your house requires a complex system involving electrical components, electric motor, wires, piping, pressure switch, storage tank, and more. What do you do when your well pump stops working? You call PPSI. Our technicians have diagnosed, repaired, or replaced thousands of well pump systems. Even if your system is working now, PPSI can inspect your well pump system and help keep it up and running and extend the life of the system by repairing or replacing components before they fail causing more expensive problems.

Have a leak in the yard? We take care of that too! PPSI can repair or replace your water service from the well or public water system.

Do you know what is in your water? Not all water is created equal. Even bottled water varies from brand to brand just like each well can produce different water quality issues. Do you have stains that show up on your fixtures or laundry? Does your water have odors or a funny taste? Again, we can help. PPSI can design a water filtration system for your specific water quality issues to provide the best quality drinking water.
We can improve your water quality even if you are on a public water system. Public water systems add chlorine or other chemicals to ensure there are no bacteria in the water and some areas may still have iron, sulfur, or other issues.
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